Mark Kirk is Bad for Illinois; Bad for America.

Mark Kirk is not a Fiscal Conservative. 

Mark Kirk is not a Conservative. 

Mark Kirk does not represent true Republican values. 

Mark Kirk is a Barack Obama liberal.

Mark Kirk strongly opposes the Second Amendment.  Mark Kirk favors arbitrary confiscation and regulation of firearms:  Anti-Gun Blacklist Bill Introduced in U.S. House - Click Here.  Domestic Extremists and Mark Kirk - Click Here.

Mark Kirk opposes free speech.  Mark Kirk wants to regulate bloggers and the Internet - Click Here.

Mark Kirk’s voting record in congress supports liberal Democrats.  Just how close is Mark Kirk with Rahm Emanuel, White House Chief of Staff to President Barack Obama and the liberal Democrats? Click Here.

Mark Kirk voted against American workers in order to line his own pockets with campaign contributions, why?  Click Here.

Mark Kirk’s vote to impose Barack Obama's "cap and trade" regime on American taxpayers was shameful.  Instead of being a true Republican leader and trying to block the Barack Obama's massive tax increase, Mark Kirk was one of Barack Obama's lock in step foot soldier followers.  If Mark Kirk is going to act as a lock in step foot soldier follower for Barack Obama, why is Mark Kirk bothering to run as a Republican? It's time for Mark Kirk to take a walk, over to Nancy Pelosi's side of the aisle. That's the way he votes; that's where he belongs.

Mark Kirk, in his 2006 and 2008 campaigns for Congress, called African-Americans “thugs” and “goons.”, why?  Mark Kirk’s racist views are bad for Illinois; bad for America.  Mark Kirk’s racist remarks not only offend African-Americans, they offend all Americans.  Click Here.

Mark Kirk is inflating and exaggerating his military service. Kirk refuses to release his military records to document his claims. Kirk says he was in Afghanistan in 2008, but the U. S. Navy has no record of Kirk's presence there.  Click here.

Mark Kirk is Bad for Illinois; Bad for America.


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